New Stereoload coming soon!

Turn your fans into followers Follow to Download, built for the music industry - that is what we started with, and that was the goal. Now that the music industry and landscape has changed, our team is working on a big new tool for musicians. We have a product in development that we think will help thousands of artists grow.

Stereoload launched to help artists and fans - it was a major success when it comes to helping musicians. We wanted to make StereoLoad the simplest tool possible and make sure it was free.

While the new tool is under development here are two other tools that we think could be super useful - check them out :)

Thank you so much for your support and please look out for a big update email.

-Stereoload team

Editframe video resizer tool is by far one of the best tools for creators that we think you should try it out. It has a bunch of features and the tool is completely free to use:

  • Resize Video - this is perfect for resizing your videos to Instagram or Stories

  • Meme Maker - turn any video or image into a meme video and add text

  • Add Music to Image - Makes for a great video when you add a .gif and music to make something special

  • Add Music to Video - this is the best for finding a cool video and adding your music :)

  • Add Progress Bar or Waveform - by far the coolest feature where you can take a simple image and audio file and make it animated

This tool is a privacy focused alternative to Google Forms or TypeForm that is built using Blockstack - its a secure way to collect information from fans or labels to collect submissions. Privacy is super important, and we think musicians have an incredible voice to push something like this forward.

You should try it out - its free, and maybe you will find using a Blockstack app useful - here is the link -

Songlink helps artists and fans share music better. It has an automated, on-demand matching service that can find any song or album on all the major streaming platforms and then create a shareable smart link page. You can customize Songlink pages with a custom URL and see data on the performance of the link.

Head to to share any song or album!